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To reinvent the antiquated housing experience for the new generation of renters and mom & pop landlords.

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    From start to finish, June Homes was a NIGHTMARE. After speaking extensively on my hesitation to be matched with someone dangerous, they matched me, a young female, with the creepiest, dead eyed, 65+ year old man ever. I then was transferred to a less desirable location but with a safe roommate. Why they couldn’t disclose roommate before moving in is beyond me. Obviously, I incurred a movers fee for this. However, they incorrectly listed my room as the listed room was occupied by my roommate. I then had to pay an additional deposit for the correct room. Upon moving out, they refused to acknowledge (even with screenshots) the adjusted security deposit I paid and would only partially return the original deposit for the smaller room my roommate was occupying. They held onto funds to cover utilities. I then kept receiving emails every month regarding rent. I asked to be removed from these reminders as I was no longer a tenant. They told me to “disregard the reminders” as I had no outstanding bills. I then set their emails to go into a unique folder so I wouldn’t be bothered by their inapplicable reminders. I then come back from vacation (this is 4 months after the lease ended) to find they’re threatening to report me for “breach of contract” for a utility payment. After speaking extensively to their accounting team and providing screenshots of their own confirmation I owed nothing, they demanded I pay an “outstanding utility bill” even after they partially withheld my security deposit for said utilities. Literally, any housing option would be better than the constant nightmare of dealing with June Homes. The WORST renting expense of my life. Never, ever, again.

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