Safety tips from Capital Metro to keep Austin safe during the pandemic and beyond


Austin is one of the most livable cities in the United States even during the pandemic. Capital Metro keeps us connected with Austin’s many parks and public spaces, great food truck and carry-out culture and the essential services that remain up and running.

However you get where you need to be, Capital Metro wants you to get there safe and sound. They constantly monitor transportation statistics and work to keep the roadways flowing without incident. A few factors persistently lead to disruptions, injury or worse. But we can all do our part to reduce the impact of these factors and avoid becoming a statistic.

Don’t drink and drive. Have a plan to get around before your first drink. For more than 20 years, drivers with alcohol concentrations over the legal limit have been involved in about one-third of all traffic fatalities in the U.S. And driving while intoxicated is a problem for people on bikes and scooters as well. You can be cited by law enforcement even if you’re pedaling behind handlebars. If you cause a wreck you will face a penalty.

Observe other safety measures when using non-motor or slow-motor vehicles. Wear a helmet. Ride with the flow of traffic. Use bike lanes when possible. Obey signals and all posted signs. The rules of the road apply to all means of transportation.

Be smart when you ride the bus. If you’re going to buy a pass when you board, have your fare ready so the driver can move on quickly and safely. Remember, though, that students, faculty and staff don’t need to pay and get to ride free with a valid UT ID. Avoid distracting the driver unnecessarily. And when you exit, never cross in front of the bus. We’ve all seen cars speed around a stopped bus.

For pedestrians it’s important to observe the law, too. Use crosswalks. Pay attention at all times, but especially where the flow of foot traffic meets the flow of vehicle traffic.

And for everyone, whether you’re on bike, scooter, driving or on foot, it’s important to limit distractions. If you must use your phone make sure your music or podcasts aren’t so loud that they impair your ability to react to sounds on the road.

The pandemic has forced us all to adapt to new safety measures. Collectively we can reduce the spread of Covid-19. Capital Metro is a leader on the front lines of essential services and has implemented sensible protocols so that we can all continue to move around the city.

To keep the operating staff and the public safe, Capital Metro provides staff with gloves, masks and hand sanitizer and, while pandemic protocols are in place, requires everyone to wear a mask when at Capital Metro facilities or riding their services.

To figure out how to plan your trip, check schedules and more, visit or download the CapMetro App.

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